Meditation Music for a Kind Heart and Clear Mind

Meditation Music for a Kind Heart and Clear Mind



Hi all my blessed and beautiful beings,

I've curated a meditation music playlist, specifically designed to harmonize your heart and mind, aiding your journey towards inner peace and clarity.

Why These Songs?

Choosing the right tracks wasn't a task I took lightly. Among the many meditative tracks I've listened to, these are some of my fav. I hope they resonate with you, just as they have with me along my meditative journey to learn to just BE.

The Power of Music in Meditation:

- Soothing Your Essence: Diving into meditation can sometimes feel like taming a triple-headed dragon juiced off a Pandera Citrus Charged Lemonade. However, the calming echoes of flutes, the gentle hum of ooms, and the soulful chanting can act as a balm, easing your body and mind into a state of relaxation, preparing you for a deeper exploration of your inner self.

- Sound as Your Anchor: Meditation teaches us to use anchors to maintain our focus. While breath is a common choice, the melody of music offers an alternative. By attuning to the harmony, you can guide your attention towards the pauses in sound – much like the spaces between breaths – where peace resides.

Integrating Music into Meditation Practices:

- Open Awareness: This form of meditation doesn't tether your focus to anything specific. Instead, it allows your awareness to float freely, observing the ebb and flow of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Music serves as the backdrop to this journey, enriching the experience with its ambient presence.

- Mantra Meditation: Coupling music with mantra recitation magnifies the meditative effect. The loving-kindness vibrations of the mantras, set against a musical canvas, create a soothing ambiance that enhances the practice.

- Counting Breath Meditation: While it might seem straightforward, counting your breaths can be challenging. Music can simplify this process, providing a relaxing rhythm that helps maintain focus on the breath, making each count a step towards tranquility.


I hope this playlist becomes a valuable resource in your meditation practice, offering not just relaxation but a deeper connection to the peace within. At the very least, may it be a source of joy and a reason to smile.

Stay blessed, stay positive, and continue to meditate to feel better :)

Much love,


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