Usher's Meditation Practice for Super Bowl Success and Better Mental Health

Usher's Meditation Practice for Super Bowl Success and Better Mental Health

Usher has been dropping bangers for nearly three generations, captivating folks of all ages, ethnicities, and time zones—from twerking at middle school dances to bingo night excitement!

He has led a demanding career, winning 344 awards, 8 of which are Grammys, and now he's reaching another career milestone by leading this year's Super Bowl halftime performance.

Usher Prioritizes His Mental Health with Meditation

Despite his surreal success, Usher, coming off his demanding Las Vegas residency and with the Super Bowl on the horizon, plans to place an even stronger focus on his mental health. And at the core of his mental health practice is daily meditation.

“When is the last time you looked in a mirror and really saw yourself?” he asked the culture editor at Vogue who interviewed him for their recent winter issue.

“Did you look in that mirror and tell yourself that you love yourself? That you forgive yourself?”

“It might sound a bit out there, but it made me feel a bit good. I thought, You need to look at yourself in the mirror and say, 'Hey, whatever you’re dealing with, I love you,'” he told Vogue.

He went on to say that the affirmations he gave himself that morning are part of his daily meditation practice.

If you're interested in learning more about mirror meditation, check out this TEDx talk here.

Meditation and Its Effects on Usher's Success

By meditating daily, Usher reconfigures his neural pathways not only to bolster his confidence in his performances by impartially observing any negative thoughts that arise and letting them float away like clouds in the sky.

But his meditation practice also serves as a means to cultivate more compassion for himself and others. This could be a key factor in Usher’s sustained success in the years to come because he’s not only in tune internally but also externally with others, using this connection as a means to create music that resonates across decades. This is demonstrated in his latest Billboard charting hit, "Good Good."

With Usher locked into a meditative state, I am sure he will deliver a Super Bowl performance for the ages!

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