Mission and Values

Our Mission

The goal of mindkee is to increase global consciousness by helping more people meditate. Through meditation people will have an increased awareness and begin to not only treat themselves better, but the world and people around them. Meditation makes life better so it is our goal to spread this practice to improve the wellbeing of all.


Our Values


We value the well-being of our team and our customers and operate from a caring, loving, and appreciative mindset to empower those around us.



By honoring every moment we are given and making the best of the present moment, we can enlighten our lives and contribute to a more mindful humanity.



Changing the world and ourselves starts with an awareness to our actions, emotions, thoughts, and how these create our personal realities.



Time is the most valuable thing we are given and the one thing we can never get back. This is why we work through intention and consciousness to create the most out of the time we have.