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Mindkee Meditation Pillow

Mindkee Meditation Pillow

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Does the rat race have you feeling...

Feeling low?
Is your brain ready to explode?
Welp, I think it's time you meditate with a mindkee meditation pillow. So, no matter wherever or whenever, you can meditate to feel better!


  • Improve your mental well-being by sitting and meditating on a mindkee meditation pillow.
  • Breathe better by sitting comfortably with an aligned spine, allowing the breath to flow freely through your body. 
  • Carry the pillow with you by using the pillow's handle.
  • Easily find and maintain stability when meditating due to the all-natural buckwheat hull fill.   
  • Be reminded to continue your meditation practice every time you look at the infinite swirl design. 


Versatile Use

  • Pillow's handle makes it easy for mobility to the yoga studio, office, hike, or wherever you want to meditate!
  • Small enough to serve as a seat cushion on your office chair to help with your posture.
  • It can serve as a great decor piece for your home or yoga studio.
  • A lovely accent for your couch or bed, or even as a sleep aid for spine, neck, and limb support. 

Size and Materials

- 13" wide and 5" tall

- Filled with 100% natural buckwheat hulls

The cover can also be removed and washed by hand or on a delicate cycle in the washing machine

The cover features a zipper, allowing you to alter the filling to your desired comfort level. 


  • This is the mindkee genesis meditation pillow! Why genesis? It's the first mindkee meditation pillow ever made. This is the beginning of the mindkee wave to get more people to meditate whenever, wherever to feel better. And who knows? If you keep this in good condition, it might be a collector's item one day ;)